ExpoTENtial at the Festival of Ideas Blog

ExpoTENtial’s initiator Laetitia Wolff was interviewed earlier this week at the Festival of Ideas Blog. Here’s a sneak peek about the Hug A Worm Lab that will take place on May 7th!

C-Lab: What might we expect from the lab, HUG A WORM, which will be taking place as part of the Festival of Ideas?

LW: The HUG A WORM campaign’s goal is to rebrand the worm and will entail education about vermiculture. Various activities/displays will be on view in our Bowery tent which will include a general info-packed campaign educating kids on the basic facts about worms and home composting, a composter with red wrigglers on display and a representative from both of our non-for-profit partners, NY SunWorks and the Lower East Side Ecology Center, will offer an explanation and demonstration of urban composting with worms. We hope to make a seemingly time-consuming activity more friendly and to make composting part of NYC’s daily definition of recycling.

Read more at the Festival of Ideas Blog!

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