Pecha Kucha’s ExpoTENtial Line-up!

Image courtesy of Pecha Kucha NY.

We’re excited to present at Pecha Kucha New York on May 7th –and here is the schedule of all expoTENtial-related presentations!

12:41AM Laetitia Wolff – ExpoTential chief engineer
12:49 AM Paul Carlos & Urshula Barbour – Pure & Applied - ExpoTential’s identity and exhibit design
12:57 AM Amelia Black – PolluTourism Board lab – ExpoTential’ curator
1:05 AM Laurie Shoeman – NY Sunworks – ExpoTential’s non for profitpartner for the Hug a Worm lab
1:13 AM Jordan Pender, Partnerhip for Parks – ExpoTential’s city partner
1:45 AM Kimberlie Birks, expoTENtial’s project assistant

Come by The Old School Gym on 268 Mulberry St., and stay for the amazing roster of speakers throughout the night!

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