expoTENtial included in EmpathiCITY

“EmpathiCITY, Making our City Together” was curated by Laetitia Wolff and Josyane Franc to activate the UNESCO creative cities of design network, which Saint-Etienne joined in 2010. EmpathiCITY explores the general International Design Saint-Etienne biennale 2013 whose theme was “empathy or the experience of the other”. EmpathiCITY aimed to reveal the transformative power of design as a tool for social cohesion in the urban context. EmpathiCITY is an invitation to the 11 cities of design, members of the network including Buenos Aires, Berlin, Montreal, Nagoya, Kobe, Shenzhen, Seoul, Shanghai, Saint-Etienne, Graz and Beijing–to create a special project or to present results of actions developed in a collaborative framework. In partnership with non-profit organizations, community associations, municipal agencies, designers conceive interventions to improve the quality of urban life while fostering social bonds.

The exhibition EmpathiCITY also included a section dedicated to expoTENtial, as one of the main collaborative models of inspiration.