Garbage is in many ways synonymous with New York City. We are so used to negotiating heaps of trash on the sidewalk that we hardly notice it. Garbage hangs from the trees and float in the river. We smell it, step on it and hear its loud rattle in the night. Yet it has an invisible quality. Once we discard of our undesirables, they get shipped off to other states and we never have to think of them again. We wanted to make the problem visible, by bringing attention to unnecessary garbage that’s constantly being produced. We decided that our area of intervention was Manhattan offices, and the local habit of picking up lunch from the salad bar in the deli and bringing it back to the office in disposable containers. In an effort to address the city’s rubbish output we are thinking of taking ourselves as guinea pigs for this experiment and practice what we preach: starting with a well documented, self-reflective computation and analysis of how and how much trash we produce to hopefully better manage our office and home footprint.

Date: TBD Fall 2011


Johanna Lenander is a design and fashion writer  and online editor based in Brooklyn. She contributes to T:The New York Times Style Magazine, W, Surface and Architectural Record among other publications. She also consults with the online art and design retail platform Subports. In 2006, she co-curated the contemporary Swedish craft exhibition “Happy Campers.”

Karlssonwilker is a New York City based design firm founded in 2000 by Jan Wilker and Hjalti Karlsson. The two young guns met while working with Stephan Sagmeister in the 90’s and have since been churning out ground-breaking design for clients like MTV, Puma, and Warner Brothers. The firm’s award-winning work has appeared in various design publications and magazines.

So Takahashi
Design’s main focus has been print design, fine arts and the cosmetics industry, but the studio has maintained since its foundation in 1998 a multidisciplinary practice, including the release of 3 music albums of electronic music and live performances in USA, Europe and Japan. Spatial design has included many sculptural window displays for Shiseido in New York, making a house exterior/interior for Snøhetta’s Løvetann project. In 2008 So launched his Origami Chair in London Design Festival at 100% Norway.


TBD, Department of Sanitation?


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