New York’s Pollution (air, earth, water and waste) and its corporeal experience is an essential element of living here; we fight it, we create it, and we have resolved ourselves to live in its debris. We’ve transposed grit for a more romantic take: the incandescence of light pollution on a foggy night, the Hollywood-ized glimmer of oil slicked streets, and the A/C units that pickle the surface of buildings. Pollution Tourism imagines creating an economy around introducing tourists to the pollution experience in NYC. Pollution Tourism is a project, a brand, a cultural program (tours, events, kiosks, etc.) and a series of souvenirs that are limited in edition only in as much as pollution is limited in addition (maybe they could marked with the pollution figures on the day they are produced instead of edition numbers?) that in some way collect or are made from the city’s waste.

Date: TBD Fall 2011

Sarah Lidgus is a writer and strategist currently working at the design firm IDEO.  Over the past ten years, Sarah has created podcasts and audio tours for museums like the Art Institute of Chicago, and the Guggenheim, contributed to publications like salon.com, Contemporary, and I.D. Magazine, and earned a Masters degree in Visual Criticism from California College of the Arts.

Amelia Black is a design critic, curatorial stagiest and recent graduate from the D-Crit masters program. Using a multidisciplinary storytelling approach to shape experience of design practice and thinking, Amelia has spent the last 8 years crafting cultural programming, exhibitions, publications, strategy and products for cultural institutions and consumer brands.

Andrew Blackwell
, expert on pollution

Industrial designer Leon Ransmeier

Sarah Klein from Redglass Pictures

graphic designer Glen Cummings at MTWTF.