Robyne Kassen and Sarah Gluck / Urban Movement

Robynne Kassen and Sarah Gluck, co-founders of Urban Movement, are trained in, and passionate about movement/health and architecture/design. Their collaboration works under the premise that true health occurs when it is integrated into our daily lives and patterns, and that innovative and meaningful design happens when driven by human needs, what they call ‘Human Sustainability’.
Robyne Kassen is the Design Director of Pedestrian Studio. She has a Masters of Architecture from Pratt Institute, and has been educated in Canada, Denmark and the U.S. Robyne received a grant in 2006 from the Boston Society of Architects and NYU Motion Capture Studio, for architectural research, investigating design and movement, using the range of motion on an individual with T-6 spinal cord injury as a starting point for design.
Sarah Gluck is the founder of Inform Design (ID), a New York City based company dedicated to helping individuals achieve health and balance through movement. ID combines the intelligence of the west, namely, principles of anatomy and biomechanics, together with architectural concepts of space and structures, mixed with technologies of the east, namely energetic concepts of humanology, movement and healing, to create a truly holistic approach to health.

Urban Movement is part of the team in the Par Corps Lab.