Strengthen VLC media player with add-ons: Stream media library content and find subtitles in just a few clicks

The VLC media player is a must for many on every computer. Although the program already has many functions on board, you can still add practical features. We’ll show you how to properly install and use the best VLC extensions.

The VLC media player has long been the most popular playback program for videos and music, and rightly so: It offers numerous functions such as volume boost for free and can play almost any format.

Very few people know that the program can be expanded significantly on top of that. Similar to Firefox, there are also exciting VLC extensions that integrate new functions in the media player. Here are some practical tools that are not only of interest to power users.

Note: The extensions are in the LUA file format. For the installation in VLC you only have to move these files into the installation folder “Programs | VideoLAN | VLC | lua | extensions”. In the menu item “View” of the VLC media player you will finally find the add-ons – but restart the software first.

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